Indian Education: Dearth in skills Developing Reform

Indian Education: Dearth in skills Developing Reform

Narendar Modi putting his focus and emphasis on the education of India said that skills enhancement is the need of the hour to have a developed industrial state. At the same time a report has been issued which states that India is lacking in the practical training and hands on experience for the learners. 92% of the teachers believe that the education system is most probably cram based.

‘Pearson Voice of Teachers Survey’ states that 92% of the teachers believe that the education system followed in India is totally out dated and cannot be able to enhance the learning capabilities of the students. It is a great hindrance in refining the mind and cognition of the students which stops the out of box thinking as a result of which mostly students are not even liable to sit in the grades or classes in which they are actually studying. Their expertise gets even more dump and they remain stuck in what they have been taught.

In addition to that even parents gave very sheer interests in the comparison between the importance of exam results and skills development. Madhya Pradesh covers the maximum population of the country, 72% parents quoted that they need the exam results at the end to be perfect. Meanwhile the ratio in Kerala was recorded as 61% which displays the lowest one in the country.  Deepak Melhrotra, Managing Director of Pearson India told IANS, ‘’ this gap is very important to analyze the present infrastructure’’. This survey included a huge mass of the India comprising 5145 teachers from all over the schools, colleges and universities from almost 247 cities.

Prime Minister’s concerns on educations were analyzed by all the personals and they highlighted the need of revising the teaching and educational framework by putting emphasis on practical and skill developing learning. The teachers were much shocked and surprised from the facts and figures put forth in the survey said that such results are acquired because of lower understanding among the parents regarding the currents educational requirements of a child. Same was asserted about the policy makers of Indian education.  Malhotra affirmed, ‘ Other than the teachers, parents and policy makers have to be conscious and concerned about the need of skills a child must learn during his/her learning’’

Irrespective of this dejecting  some good piece of news was also stated in the report that almost 72% teachers all over the India also believe that education in India has been improved and enhanced as in comparison to the past decades which shows that some developments have also been made in terms of education. The learning environment is increased a lot agreed by 93% of school teachers and 72% of those who belong to higher educational institutions. No matter how the percentage differs still the entire mass believes that introducing new techs and applications of learning will increase the growth rate of education in the country. But developments made in the portfolio of technology are still giving a gloomy picture of 45% in Delhi the lowest and the highest 61% in Jharkhand.

This shows that although the education in India is on the path of competing with the modern technologies all over the world and trying to get more and more recognized in all the fields but still the lack of some mandatory requirements is pushing it back.  This gap can be overcome by revising the education policy which must be designed after having a consensus from the researchers, education specialists from all the leading institutions in India. Only then a better learning environment could be provided to the students which will not only enhance the percentage in exam results but also will increase their learning hands-on capabilities.  This survey was released in relation to the Teachers day coming ahead on Sep 5.

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Maharashtra Board Results 2014

Maharashtra Board Results 2014

If you are here to know about the result declaration of 10th and 12th classes’ examination conducted by the Maharashtra Board of secondary education for the academic year of 2014, then you are at right place. The exact date of the result declaration is still to be announced by the Maharashtra Board of secondary education but we are trying to get an official word on the subject.

The examinations of the 10th classes were commenced in the month of March and same goes for the exams of 12th class and it has been more than a month since the students are getting curious about the results. The most speculated date about the result declaration is somewhere in the last week of the May 2014 as the previous year’s results declaration by Maharashtra Board tells us this.

It is also announced that the official website of the board will be the first to upload the result on it and the students who will have the internet facility will be able to get it downloaded against their roll numbers. The students who will not have the facility of the internet on that very day will be able to find out their result through the SMS service. We will update you about the exact date of release as soon as it is released.

The Maharashtra Board of secondary education is one of the finest boards of education in the nation as the state is highly populated and the board has a lot of work to do. Affiliation of all the schools in the region, registering all the candidates every year, then conducting the examination and checking it and formulating the results is not an easy task but the board has been performing really well. We wish you all the best for the results.

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Maharashtra Board HSC Result 2014

Maharashtra Board HSC Result 2014

The result of Higher Secondary Education which is also known as 12th class under the Maharashtra Board of secondary education is all set to be released but the board has not announced the date yet. We have been frequently asked this question that when exactly the board will come up with the date and the answer to this question is that we don’t know and we cannot say anything about the exact date.

The examinations were conducted in the month of March in the major cities of the state including Nagpur, Mumbai, Nasik, Pune and others where millions of the students appeared in the examinations. In 2013 the result was declared on May 30, 2013 and same is being speculated about the date this year. The last week of the May 2014 is very crucial about the results declaration.
We will be the first one to announce the date as soon as the board announces it officially.

The result will be uploaded on the official website of the Maharashtra Board of secondary education where students will be able to fetch their results against their roll numbers. The students are supposed to be prepared and keep their roll numbers safe so that they do not face any problem on the day of the result declaration.

Maharashtra is one large state and has a lot of population which puts a huge pressure on the Maharashtra Board of secondary education. The board is working in the right direction and is doing everything possible to increase the literacy rate of the state. The mission of the board is to have a quality education system where the students can actually see their interests and pursue them in their future careers. We wish you all a great result for your 12th class.

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Madhya Pradesh M.P 12th Board Results 2014

The board of Madhya Pradesh is supposed to announce the results of the 10th and 12th classes’ examination which were conducted back in the month of April and March 2014, in the month of May. The board is supposed to announce the result of 10th class on May 15, 2014 on 11 am in the morning. The official notification has been announced by the board for the students of 10th class.

The students of 12th class who appeared in the board examination conducted by Madhya Pradesh board of secondary education have to wait a little more as the board has not announced anything about them. It is being speculated that the board will release their results probably on the same day as the result of 10th class which is May 15 but we cannot say anything about it yet. The last week of May 2014 is also very crucial for the results declaration.

The Madhya Pradesh board of secondary education is working under the government of the state and the board is responsible for the conduction of the examinations of 12th and 10th classes in the region. All the student who are the residents of the vicinity are supposed to be registered at the board and the schools which are working in the state are also supposed to be affiliated with the board.

The board is working highly effective and the performance is very good. The numbers of the students who are appearing in the examinations are normally greater than the previous and this has been happening from many years from now. The overall literacy rate of the state is also getting improved and the credit goes to the untiring efforts the board of secondary education Madhya Pradesh is putting in. We wish you all a great future ahead.

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Kerala Board HSE Results 2014

The students who are registered under the Kerala board of secondary education have been asking this question a lot of times about the date on which they will get their hands on their results. The date has not been announced yet for any of the two classes which are waiting for the results which are 10th and 12th.

The students who are desperate and the families who are curious are advised to keep calm and wait for the board to come forward and announce the date for the results. The result of 10th class will be released first since their exams were conducted first and the result of 12th class will follow. There are chances that the board announces the two results on the same day but nothing can be told for sure right now.

The students are advised to keep visiting the official website of the Kerala board of secondary education as all the latest updates and news will be released on the official results portal of the website. You will have to produce the roll number or admit cards numbers against your name and date of birth to get your results. Schools will be able to download the results of their whole class against the official account on the website.

The Kerala state is one of those states in India where the literacy rate is high and the condition of education is quite satisfactory and the reason behind this is the untiring efforts of the Kerala board of secondary education.

The basic most education levels are being managed by the Kerala board and that is what the backbone of any education system is. The 10th and 12th classes play important role in determining the future of a person and same goes for the Kerala board. We wish you all good luck for the awaited result. Stay with us for more updates.

DHSE Examination Results - 2014

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Chhattisgarh Board 12th Results 2014

Chhattisgarh Board of secondary education is serving the state from the September 2001 and is working under the umbrella of the state government. The main function of the board is to regularize and conduct the examination of senior secondary and higher secondary classes I the region. The board is looking forward to have the best quality education for the students.

The mission of the school is to have high quality education with international standards and to advise the government as well to take proper steps in the field of education related to the curriculum and texts books. The board also has to mention the government about the awareness of the importance of the education so that maximum students can get them enrolled in the schools. The board also has to affiliate all the working and operating schools with the board.

The students who appeared in the examinations of 10th and 12th classes are now waiting for the results but the board has not announced anything yet. The exams were conducted back in March and April and we are at the end of the May but nothing has been declared from the board. The students are very curious as their further admissions and future is dependent on the result.

The result is highly expected to be released in the last week of may and same was happened in the recent years as well but we cannot say anything for sure as the board has not announced it itself. The official web portal is the place where the results will be uploaded and the students are supposed to be ready with their roll numbers and other credentials so that they can have their results on the day of its announcements. We wish you all the best for the examination results.

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Gujarat Board SSC 10th Result 2014

Gujarat Board (GSEB) 10th Result 2014

In 1972, an education board for the state of Gujarat was established following the Gujarat Secondary Education Act. The Board’s name was Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board also known as GSHSEB. The chairman and deputy chairman for the board are decided by the State Government. The board of Gujarat constitutes of 16 Ex-Officio members and 44 members chosen from academic organizations. Policies which will impact the Secondary & Higher Secondary Education in the state made by the Government are guided by the Board. The Board is self-organizing body working under the Government of Gujarat.

One of the main responsibilities of the board is to make the policies which are required to run the board. The policies are directions which the higher education in the state takes. Other responsibilities of the board include conduction of examination, declaration of the result, research and development, recognition of new schools, performance evaluation of schools, and academics. The main task for GSHSEB is to prepare syllabus for schools and recommendation of the books which will be taught in the schools.

The GSEB conducts 2 main examinations every year which are:
  • The Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exam for class 10.
  • The Higher Secondary (School) Certificate (HSC) exam for class 12 student.
Gujarat board publishes two magazines every month which point out the issues impacting Secondary Education, the names of the magazines are ‘Madhyamik Shikshan & Parikshan’.

Gujarat Board (GSEB) SSC Result 2014

Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSEB) is responsible of conducting the 10th class examination every year in the state of Gujarat for the schools affiliated with it. The exam is usually conducted by the Board in the month of March every year. The result for the examination is expected to declare in the month of June, 2014.

Last year, Gujarat Board announced the SSC result in the first week of June, 2013. About 0.4 Million students appeared for the examination of 10th class. Once the result was out it was displayed on the official site of the board. About a million students appeared for the exam and more than half cleared the exam.

Huge number of candidates are being expected to appear for the 10th class exam this year and after the exams are over, the information about the result can be found on the official site of the Board which is Students who have appeared for the exams will be able to check their result by using their Roll Number, Name or School Name-wise.

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